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Online Registration

IT-EM has a range of online solutions, providing you with an easy-to-use RSVP system for your event, conference or exhibition. Delegates register or RSVP online, have access to accommodation options as well as transfers to and from your event, allowing them to make all arrangements from one, centralised point. Please visit for event-specific solutions and complete an order form.


Mobilise your registration experience. More and more guests registere using phones and tablets. Make it easy for guest to register with an RSVP solutions that supports all these devices.


Delegates also have the opportunity to network with other industry players by scheduling one-on-one or group meetings before the event. Perform intelligent matchmaking, guest can save time by focussing on their top matches. Matches are calculated based guest profiles.

Session Bookings

Allow guest to book sessions. Manage session availabilty and have fully booked sessions automatically dissapear. View a summary and breakdown of session bookings.

Accommodation Management

Allow guests to select from available accommodation options during registration. Then manage and allocate rooms to confirmed guests. Export rooming lists for hotels.

Flight Management

Guest can select from a list of available block bookings or provide alternate criteria. Assign guest to flights and manage flight allocations. See exceptions where guest bookings don't match requirements.

Table placements

Manage table placements for your guests. Assign individuals or groups to tables or seats.

Event Management

Your unique, customised online registration website allows you to interact with your delegates by sending them additional information, newsletters or notifications. You are able to keep track of new registrations, manage floor plans and ensure that your delegates have full access to all information pertaining to your event.

Social networking

Private a private social networking platform where registered attendees can interact Facebook-style. Guests can shared messages photos and documents. The same portal can be used to communicate important information to guests.

Credit Card Processing

Allow your delegates the luxury of paying online using our secure credit card payment facility.

Design & Hosting

IT-EM provides you with three affordable, professionally designed website options. By providing you with weekly or monthly reports, you can keep track of how much traffic your site generates, making it so much easier to organise your event.

Bulk E-mail

IT-EM can assist you with all your bulk e-mail marketing needs, using your existing contact base. Our turnaround time is 24 hours* and we ensure that all e-mails are personalised and that return e-mails are forwarded to a recipient of your choice. This is an effective medium to send invitations, newsletters and updates to large numbers of delegates or clients.

* 24-hour turnaround time can only be guaranteed if HTML is already designed and e-mail addresses are in the correct format.

Exhibition Accreditation

IT-EM provides online accreditation functionality for Exhibitions to allow the seamless and painless accreditation for exhibitors and contractors. Online accreditation can remain open up to the last minute as our online system seamlessly integrates with our registration system onsite. Details that are loaded online will be available onsite within one hour for printing and collection by exhibitors & contractors.

Our online registration system features:
  • Login accounts that are emailed out to exhibitors to allow them to submit names and photos. Limit the amount of names allowed per company based on allocations.
  • Login accounts are also emailed out to contractors to allow them to manage their own names and photos. These can also be limited to a specific allocation.
  • A backend is provided where the Organizer can manage the exhibitors, their allocations, names and photos.
  • The backend also allows the Organizer to load names and photos for contractors, VIPs, Media and any other category that you are looking for.
  • We also have a Call Centre available that can assist users with the submission of their details via email and phone.

Successful implementation of the seamless online-onsite accreditation processes have been implemented for shows like the Rand Show and the Johannesburg International Motor Show.

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